Plating Equipment

Published: 19th March 2012
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Plating Equipment

Plating equipment has countless purposes; it can be used to improve solder ability, to harden,to improve paint adhesion, to reduce friction, to improve wearability, to alter conductivity, for radiation shielding, etc. In jewelry making industry, this essential tool is typically used to give a silver or gold finish, also known as jewelry makers’ paint. Know more about these tools on the list below:

• ElectroPlating Rectifiers. Designed to perform. Different sizes are available to satisfyyour specific needs. All models operate on 110VAC 50/60 Hz. 1 phase. Converts AC current to DC current. Featured on/off switch, pilot light, amp meter and voltmeter.These solid state rectifiers are rugged and built to last. This is the power source for direct current that is needed for electroplating and electro stripping. Solid state circuitry delivers filtered DC output. A variable voltage and amperage determines the size of the bath and the surface area that can be plated. The control panel has an amp/volt meter,regulator and an on/off switch.

• Ikohe Plating Rectifier 30A. A heavy duty rectifier suitable for both electroplating and electro-stripping operations, filtered DC output, with precision voltage/amperage regulation, A remarkable system that features both a plating rectifier and a pen plater.The control panel has an amp/volt meter, regulator and an on/off switch, maximum 4.5 gal. plating baths.

• Digital Rectifier. This unit offers precision, power, and versatility for electroplating, pen plating, electroforming, and Electro-Stripping. Precision digital current and voltage regulators, Digital readout, Solid state, and Dual voltage 115/230V, 50-60 Hz.

• Electroformer. To compensate for the total shrinkage, it is necessary to build-up the model so that the cast piece will have the desired size. This electr former will build-up, thick and uniform copper or silver deposits on a maximum of 10 models at a time.Current can be controlled in amps or milliamperes for fine deposit control. Includes power source, solution tank, and rack for holding anode and 10 models, one quart of copper electrolyte, copper anode, model holder and detailed instruction manual. Ready to use, operates on 115 volts.

• Standard and Deluxe Pen Plater.The least expensive combination platers in the world.With its solid state circuitry, ultra-precise voltage regulator, and digital readout, this is easily the most advanced pen plater in this price range.Can be used for tank plating/stripping.Three voltage controls. 3 operators can work simultaneously. 3 different solutions can be used in 1 unit. Deluxe all metal cabinet. Up to 2 amps of power. 110V/220V interchangeable.

•Uni-Plater. The rhodium pen plater is a creative tool for studio artists. An array of designer shades of rhodium, silver, gold, nickel, and palladium, can be plated by means of a special fibre tip pen. The Uni-plater has a platinized anode contact for the fibre tip.The pen is slim and facilitates plating of intricate or large surfaces. Compact pen plating unit, with solid state circuitry fused to prevent accidental damage.

•Rhodinette Pen Plater. It is a simple and convenient way to electroplate. You can do two tone plating or spot plating, touch-ups, repairs or any plating that requires accuracy.Requires no additional anodes, rectifiers, plating tanks, wires or clips. Simply apply the plating solution with the fiber tipped pen directly to area to be plated. The entire process is as easy as writing.

• Anodes. These are well made anodes on which the metal portion measures 1/2" wide by 2" long, in varying thicknesses. The gold anode has a stem of stainless steel that can be bent to hang on the edge of a beaker. .999 eutectic grade. For use in most plating bath
applications with silver plating solution.

•Rhodium Concentrated. To be used with any of our pen platers right from the bottle. All of our concentrated plating solutions contain 2 grams of precious metal. Guaranteed! Rhodium plated articles exhibit a hard, brilliant white, highly reflective surface. Care must be exercised not to use any stainless or ferrous metal articles as it will contaminate the bath. To plate silver, copper or bronze alloys, articles must first have a primary nickel plate. Use with platinized titanium anodes.

• Electroplating Solutions. These are ready to use solutions. Instructions for use are indicated in the label on every product. All solutions available in 1quart except for the rhodium which is available in 1 pint. For professional use only. Contains cyanide.
Specifically formulated for each grade of gold. These solutions are pre-mixed and ready to use. Articles exhibit a bright reflective finish. Use with stainless steel or fine gold anodes. Contains one pennyweight of pure gold per quart.

• Clean Earth Silver Free. All Clean Earth plating Solutions are cyanide free. They are ecologically safer than standard plating solutions yet plate uniformly and produce a hard,durable finish. The solutions are easy to use and produce rich colors. No hazardous shipping charges. Produces a uniform silver plate. Use with stainless steel or pure silver anode. The finish will reflect the surface of the under plate; shiny silver over shiny metals and matte silver over a dull surface.

• Background Antique, Black. For highlighting or subtle dark background effects. Gives a dark, dull antique finish to class rings, or any other jewelry. Adheres to any metal, dries in minutes. The solution is resistant to wear and needs no lacquer.

• Krohn Tivaclean. It is an electrocleaning concentrate for both metals and plastics. Tivaclean is an orange powder that, when mixed with water, ( 8 oz. to the gallon ) changes to a fluorescent green to insure full rinsing. Tivaclean also contains anti-foaming agents for low sudsing and a deodorant to suppress odor. A bio-catalyst is present for biodegradability and eliminates the need to use toxic chlorinated solvents. In solution, Tivaclean has a non-caustic Ph of 9-10.Anti-Tarnish Lacquer.Great for use on silver. A high grade lacquer that can be brushedon articles to produce a clear, tough, smooth, tarnish resistant surface. Effective and long lasting jewelry surface protectant. Prevents tarnish on all precious metals. Use with a lint free cloth.

• Liver of Sulphur. It is provided in lump form. Dissolve several lumps in hot water to make an oxidizing solution that will darken silver, copper, brass, and bronze. To bring out the details in your work, oxidize with Liver of Sulphur solution, then remove the oxidation from the high areas with our Fiber Hand Pads. This will leave a darker color in the recessed areas and give your piece a slightly "antiqued" look.Gold/Silver Oxidizer. Used on silver to produce all shades from French gray to black.

•Apply with a steel applicator to a thoroughly clean article to produce varying shades from gray to black.

Activated Charcoal.Chemically prepared for soldering. Under flame, the charcoal glowsand reflects heat back to work, making the flame more effective.Stop-Off Lacquer. A high-grade lacquer that can be brushed on articles to provide a tough smooth, even surface to protect them from tarnish and to eliminate metal deposits from plating solutions.

• Filter Paper. It is inserted into the glass funnel with internal ribs to filter out impurities from plating solutions.

• Rhodium Tester. Now you can self test your rhodium solution in 60 seconds. Our handy-easy to use superchem Rhodium Tester is the best way to eliminate the guess work in your tank.

• Plating Racks. Well designed, in rows, with hooks, these Plating Racks used by Jewelers are made of heavy gauge poly coated copper for protection when immersed in plating baths.

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